Professionally installed speed bumps in your business parking lot provide an undeniable safety measure for your customers and employees. Protecting people on your premises is a top priority. At Maintain It All, our speed bump installation crew knows exactly where to install speed bumps to help with traffic control and pedestrian safety.

Why are Speed Bumps Important?

We all know that speed bumps Miami are designed to slow down traffic. The statistics provide evidence for making the extra effort to have them installed. Parking lots have a significant amount of foot traffic. According to the National Safety Council, 66% of drivers surveyed admitted to making phone calls while driving through parking lots with an additional 49% to 63% admitting to texting, taking photos/videos, checking social media, sending emails and fiddling with their GPS.

Even if a speedbump is unable to prevent a collision, since the vehicle is moving at a slower speed in the parking lot, related injuries are decreased by 46%. Pedestrians hit by a vehicle moving at 40MPH have an 85% likelihood of serious injuries. This drops to a 5% chance when the vehicle is moving at only 20 MPH?


Where there is constant traffic, noise pollution can become a dangerous distraction in close-proximity spaces such as driveways and parking garages. The sound of revving engines can be an irritant to your customers and employees while conducting business. Hiring a traffic speed enforcer is far more expensive than installing speed bumps to reduce noise. Your parking lot might be a convenient shortcut for drivers on their way to another street. The presence of speed bumps can be a discouraging factor and reduce the amount of non-business traffic on your premises.

Speed Bump Patterns

There are several ways to approach the layout and placement of speed bumps, depending on how your parking lot is used. Consider where pedestrians frequently cross, where they tend to cut across rather than go around, or where there are blind corners and unexpected turns. A professional team provides you with the expertise to optimize your parking lot's safety.