Aftershave issues are common. Whether you get your shaving done from a saloon or by yourself, there are always chances of cuts and bumps due to shaving. Clubman pinaud aftershave lotion is a savior in this case. In this blog, we will be letting you know the reason why you need to add having lotion in your kit.

What Is an Aftershave Lotion?

Aftershave lotions originated as an antiseptic product for cuts that you get while shaving. Alcohol is one of the key ingredients in aftershaves thus it works as a disinfectant. Modernization has brought various forms of aftershave lotions and now you get aftershave balms, lotions, and mist all over the market.  

Different Types Of Aftershaves 

  • Lotion based

Lotion-based aftershaves are great for keeping your skin moist and smooth after shaving. Applying this type of aftershave is the best for winters or dry climates.

  • Gel-based

Gel-based aftershaves are mixed with additional nutrients to get their form and thus you get additional benefits from the nutrients present in the aftershave. This type of aftershave is also ideal if you are looking for something that boosts the vitamins in your skin.

  • Liqui based

These are traditional aftershave that is used to treat the cuts that you suffer during the shave. It acts as one of the best. The alcohol that is used in this aftershave acts as an antiseptic solution for your skin.

Reasons to use aftershave

  • Antibacterial property

The basic reason for using aftershave gel is to sanitize your skin. It keeps away disease-causing germs to affect your skin. The isopropyl alcohol present in aftershaves makes it ideal to be applied on the skin and get the benefits from it. 

  • Reduces itchiness

Itchiness is generally caused due to dryness of the skin.  Shaving is a form of exfoliation and thus once you are one with shaving your skin loses its moisture. This causes dryness and itchiness of the skin. Aftershave lotions can provide relief if you are facing itchiness and dryness of the skin. 

  1. Prevents folliculitis 

Inflammation of hair follicles is known as folliculitis. It forms a layer of oil over the opened pores and protects your skin against bacterial attacks. 

  • Regrowth of skin tissue

Aftershaves are not only antiseptic but also act as a healing agent on your skin. It promotes the growth of skin tissues to maintain the proper health of your skin. 

  1. Adds a pleasant smell 

The refreshing smell of aftershave is what people like the most. It adds a pleasant odor once applied to your skin.


Some of the common FAQs  are as follows,

Can aftershave be used as a moisturizer?

If you choose a good aftershave you can apply it to your skin as a moisturizer without the fear of having side effects. 

Is it safe to use aftershave lotion on the cut area?

If you are facing minute cuts, applying aftershave will do the work due to the presence of alcohol that acts as a disinfectant.

Which type of aftershave balm to use?

There are three types of aftershaves as we have already mentioned. Lotion-based, liquid-based, and gel-based. Each and every aftershave is different from each other and thus you need to choose the best at your convenience.

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