The unstoppable prattles on the Covid 19 and how it had significantly caused damages to the health of citizens and caused a major distortion to a structural setting of the Malaysian economy. In the last two years, the Malaysian economy has specifically stated to be one of the largest concerns to both the citizens and governmental authorities. Analysis and news had stated that one of Malaysia’s largest revenue derives from the production sector, Malaysia is known to be one of the largest suppliers to certain products in the market. Making Malaysia accelerate in
terms of exportation of products. However, what has caused a pause to this, the Malaysian manufacturers could no longer meet the demands of their clients, as Covid 19 spreading had become the major cause for individuals to not be able to turn up to work. This resulted in economical regression, in such cases declaring the shortage of workers as being the primary reason to not be able to function the production process.

Here are the implications to the uncurbed situation of Covid 19 issues to Manpower Agency in Malaysia.

As mentioned it is evident that the Malaysian economy notices a discouraging pattern to the manufacturer's financial situation. The primary reason due to the shortage of workers had been mentioned too. A Malaysian manpower agency is known to be the one that handles the recruitment procedures for workers to the factory. Factories commonly engage these agencies to carry out recruitment and manage the welfare of their general workers making it easier for factories, however ever since the strike of the pandemic, things had never been the same. Manpower agencies had claimed to have massive challenges in hiring workers. This causal had
led to the demand for goods output crashing down the markets which could only possibly mean that clients might have to look for another potential supplier for their needed goods.

The closure of the foreign worker's entry market, in conjunction with the efforts of curbing the Covid 19 issue, the Malaysian government was forced to shut down the intake of foreign workers upon the formation of multiple Covid 19 variations that threatened the liveability of Malaysian citizens. Therefore, this had implied in the production output, as factories do not have the required manpower to support their production. Leading to another industry flapping over the edge, which is the foreign worker recruitment agencies, for instance, numerous foreign worker agency in Kuala Lumpur had faced a huge cut in the number of their supply some even resulted in a financial collision and shutting down their organization. An initiative of fixing this issue had only thought the Malaysian manpower agency a lesson that it is not at all possible to meet the demands of clients, simply because the people of Malaysia are not very much comfortable in taking up the role of factory operator, however, they alternately consider offers such as food delivery riders, waiters or such leaving minimal applicants with the operator job despite the pay for it is high.

Finally, these are the unsatisfactory implications of the Malaysian economy, likewise the businesses of Manpower agency in Malaysia. Therefore, in the current pandemic situation, the minimal effort is that clients need to be patient as the governments are putting in their ultimate tryouts in the formation of MoU with the partnered Source Countries.