Five steps to memorizing the Qur'an

For Whom who wants to read Quran; you find yourself choosing between learning Arabic from scratch or learning Arabic essential word lists to understand about 65 % or  80 % of the Quran. There is another simply a middle path based on practice from day one. I will recommend to you the five best steps to  learn Quran online



Firstly you need to read it in your mother tongue in Tafseer books- -the most famous one is –Tafseer IBn Katheer- and it is available online in English, this will enable you understanding Allah's message. 

You need to be exposed daily to 15 minutes of practicing. I promise you between 6 months and a year; you will be able to read Quran perfectly.

 For sure, you tried to learn Quran, but you failed, and all that you have taught you don't understand.


Quran needs five steps if you apply; you can learn any verse, any page and even if you want to preserve it in total. You will learn it easily and will not forget it.

Step one

Hear it before you preserve it; because when you hear it, you will recognize its pronunciation; however, you need to choose a specific reader you like, and you feel good about it when you hear it.

You can easily download it on your smartphone and hear it from time to time in your dead time, and it will be your first step.

Step two


The most difficult thing is to preserve the Quran because you don't understand its meaning. However, you need to read Tafseer for each verse you want to preserve before you start; this will help tremendously with 90% to preserve it.

Step three


Start preserving now, considering that; preserving consists of the below formula:

Preserving = reading + recalling

After you have heard the verses and understood their meaning, start repeating from 3 to 10 times; after you do this, start recalling what you have preserved.

Don't move to the third line before being sure you preserved the first and the second one.

 Before you start the third line, merge the first and second line with the third and so on.

Keep moving till you reach the amount you want to preserve.

Step Four


Reviewing; preserving Quran is like a bird if you preserve and leave it; it leaves you and flies away as it is the easiest thing you can easily forget; it is also a punishment from God as you left it.


Step Five

Don't change the copy you preserve from; this will help you remember verses easily.

Simply listen; read Tafseer; preserve and repeat it; review it; and change the copy.