Cross-browser testing is a type of non-functional testing and the practice of making sure that the web applications and websites you create work an acceptable number of web browsers.


Let’s begin with the tools:

Cross-browser testing

Cross-browser testing has provides a user-friendly platform that allows various browsers including mobile platforms. It is available for IOS, Windows, androids, etc. The cross-browser testing tool has a broad range of different browsers and their versions. 



  • It is easy to run visual, manual, and selenium tests across 2050+ desktop browsers and mobile devices. 
  • It provides almost full access to developer tools and extensions like Firebug and Chrome Dev tool. 
  • In your favorite programming language, it creates and runs selenium tests. 


Cross-browser testing with test complete will enable users to quickly create automated GUI tests in one browser and run them parallel across 1500 remote test environments which includes resolutions, devices, operating systems, and browsers. It is helping to ensure complete test coverage and improve software quality. 



  • TestComplete is an automated UI testing tool that allows you to maintain, develop, run and execute functional tests across desktop, web applications, and mobile.
  • It runs tests parallel across 1500 real testing environments without any configuration.
  • It is easy to create or develop one automated GUI test for multiple browsers.

QA Wolf

QA Wolf is a true modern testing tool that can be used by the entire team. It helps in gaining quick adoption to 2,700 GitHub stars at the time of writing. This testing tool prioritizes ease-of-use as the main differentiator and makes end-to-end test creation faster, powerful and simple for everyone. 



  • It required no installation and setup.
  • There is no need of writing boilerplate code or learning programming languages.
  • You don’t have to worry about re-running an entire test when you only need to fix a line or two of the code. 


Sauselabs is a cloud-based testing platform used for testing web and mobile applications which offer its services to enterprises and instant access to many cross-browser systems. It offers both manual and automated testing of web and mobile applications.



  • It has instant access to real and virtual devices.
  • It has live testing and automated testing.
  • It has instant access to 800+ desktop browsers and OS combos. 

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is the most popular Selenium and Appium alternative used for cross-browser testing by 8,50,000 testers and developers trust. This testing offers scalable web, mobile, and desktop testing. 



  • Katalon Studio is compatible with the latest version of Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • It provides flexible test migration from Selenium, Postman, and SoapUI.
  • It is a self-healing mechanism to handle UI and code changes.


Browsershots allow taking screenshots from web design in different operating systems and browsers. It is a free open-source testing tool providing developers with a convenient way to test the compatibility of a website’s browser.



  • It is a broadly used browser compatibility testing tool.
  • You can run cross-browser compatibility testing with great options such as operating system, browser type, color depth, screen size, etc.