Many parents of children newly diagnosed with ADHD, ADHD-PI, or SCT do not want their child to take medication right away, but do not know where to start. But now there are many Adderall alternatives for them to choose at:

The most common question I get from parents and patients is, "Where do I start if I want to try something other than medicine?" The following article describes a wise approach to non-drug therapy that parents can try before starting medication.

Discuss your initial treatment plan with your doctor before starting treatment. I listed my medical advice in order.

  1. Food

The ADHD-PI diet (everyone’s diet) should be as low-fat as possible. If you have an allergy or intolerance to milk, grains, eggs, seafood or nuts, these foods should be eliminated.

Supplements like a Adderall multivitamin with iron and extra omega-3 fatty acids, Neptune Krill Oil is my choice, are a must take. Multivitamins need zinc, iron and magnesium.

A cup of coffee or tea with caffeine in the morning and again at 3pm helps. You need to avoid this if you are prone to caffeine (for some people caffeine makes the heart beat faster or causes stomach upset). The actual dose of caffeine is around 100 mg and that is the amount of caffeine in an 8 ounce cup of American coffee. The caffeine content in tea varies slightly, but a 16 oz cup of iced tea is the same amount. You can find the caffeine content in most beverages by searching on the Internet.

  1. Sleep

Everyone with ADHD should sleep at least 8 hours a night. Many people with ADHD have trouble sleeping. Treatments that helped with these problems were taking a bath with Epson salt before bed, drinking a cup at bedtime, avoiding caffeine and exercising within 3 hours of sleep, and the use of white MP3 or CD entertainment before bed. If none of the above works, melatonin 3 mg, 1 hour before bedtime will help the person fall asleep.

  1. Exercise

Exercise and aerobic exercise are especially necessary and very beneficial in the treatment of ADHD. Start with a 20-minute walk. If it is a child, go with the child. Bring flashcards or study notebooks and ask your children as you go. Don’t look for excuses not to exercise. Try to increase your exercise time to at least 40 minutes, 4-5 times a week. You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment. All you need are comfortable shoes.

  1. Additional features

The best data we have to improve adherence to supplements are for:

Omega-3 fatty acids (If you do the above, you will get it with krill oil).

Iron, Zinc and Magnesium (If you do the above, there is a multivitamine and Epson salt).

Caffeine (If you do the above, it’s done).

There are indications that other supplements may help. includes:

Pcynogenol, you can see this article on Ignorant ADHD and Pycnogenol for more information

Bacopa Monnieri. You can see this article on Bacopa Monnieri for Ignorant ADHD for more information.

There are no specific reviews for the following supplements, but some people do swear that Adderall help to avoid overeating and you may want to try them. includes:

Ginseng Energy, Ginseng has stimulating properties and has been shown to improve the ability of normal people in certain medical tests.

Ginkgo. There are studies showing that Ginkgo Biloba is beneficial in the treatment of dementia and some studies have shown that they improve cognitive function.

  1. More in-depth clinical evaluation

If non -compliance with the above conditions is not affected, a more in -depth evaluation is needed. This assessment includes psychological tests as well as clinical and laboratory tests. There are many health problems that can cause symptoms such as ADHD, but they are not the result of ADHD. A best adderall alternative prescription is the best way to make sure that no other disease is causing the symptoms of ADHD.