To allow players to try other tiers, developer Smilegate offers players the Lost Ark Powerpass system. During Arkesia, Lost Ark locks players into the player's starting tier, but Powerpass allows players to quickly advance an alt character to the protagonist's tier. These passes are limited, but at a cost, knowledge transfer allows players to do most of the same things.

If the player wants to automatically get a Powerpass, the player needs to complete the final main quest, Ealyn's Gift. The game will send it to the player's mailbox. After using this initial Powerpass, the Lost Ark Buy Gold player will receive another Powerpass for the second alt character. For now, these are the only Powerpasses in Lost Ark, and there's no indication that Smilegate will be adding more.

If the player runs out of Powerpasses, the player can use the Knowledge Transfer Tool to do pretty much the same thing. There is no better choice between Powerpass and Knowledge Transfer. Knowledge transfer takes gold and time, but it's also the only way to quickly level up an alt character after a player uses a Powerpass. The Knowledge Transfer unlocks when the player completes the Vern questline, around the same time the player earns the Powerpass.

Players can also pay more gold to advance the player's alt characters to higher tiers that the player has earned, including Rohendel and through Shushire content that matches the gear. Knowledge transfer to the Shushire level is a huge investment, costing 2,400 gold. It is worth noting that since the date of publication, only nine knowledge transfers can be made per account.

The Lost Ark Powerpass is tied to the Lost Ark Gold player's roster, and it doesn't work across servers. Therefore, if a player wants to use Powerpass on a different server, the player must create a new character and complete the main story on that server. By the way, MMOWTS is currently selling Lost Ark Gold at the cheapest price on the market, and players are welcome to visit and purchase.