Thermal printers are not the same as regular inkjet printers or even laser printers. These printers were launched in the 1970s, between the advent of laser printers and the introduction of inkjet printers to the globe. Thermal printers, as the name implies, utilize heat to print on paper rather than the standard printer ink cartridges used by other types of printers.


It also has a unique printing method that distinguishes it from standard printers. Fax machines, label printers, ultrasound machines, and bar code scanners all employ this method.


Thermal printers are made up of four major parts. The thermal head is the component that creates heat, whereas the platen is the rubber roller that feeds paper. They also feature a spring that applies pressure to the thermal head, causing it to come into contact with heat-sensitive (or thermo-sensitive) paper.


There are additional controller boards that handle and control the machinery. Many Thermal printer variants print with ribbon printer cartridges rather than normal ink cartridges.


Heat-sensitive or thermal paper is required for older thermal printers. This is fed into the machine (between the thermal head and the platen). When triggered, the printer transmits an electrical current, causing it to create heat in a predetermined pattern.


When the platen presses the paper, the heat of these thermal printers activates the heat-sensitive layer of the paper, and a pattern of color (typically black) appears in the response.


There are currently newer thermal printers that use a different printing method. Ribbon cartridges are used in the latest variants (instead of printer ink cartridges). Ribbon cartridges contain ink that is composed of wax, resin, or a mixture of the two materials; when activated by heat, this type of ink melts to produce the text or pictures on the paper.


Thermal printers are used for a variety of applications and in a variety of methods. They are less expensive than printers that use ink cartridges since most of these printers simply require a heat-sensitive paper to produce. Ribbon cartridges, which are utilized by modern printers, are also less expensive than standard ink cartridges. They're common in cash registers, voucher printers, fax machines, and even ultrasound devices.


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