Additionally to NBA 2K22 MT, the speed-rocker feature that was introduced in the new generation console only in the previous episode was also retained, as long as the rocker can be moved quickly so that a faster dribbling move can be achieved. There are nearly 50 signature fancy dribble options to select out of in this game.

Players can trigger these quick combos of dribbling through pressing and acceleration while taking the right stick up that allows the player to effortlessly eliminate the defending player, and also create attractive dribbles to the eye!

The Gameplay screenon the screen, one are able to clearly assess the new 2K22 on the lighting effects in the stadium effects on floor lighting, the dynamics of the fans as well as reserve player and the precision of the faces of the players, their tattoos, tattoos, and beards will make breakthroughs.

In addition, numerous new features are now included in the warm-up, as well as player introduction prior to the opening waves, like the introduction animation as well as player interaction. Highlight clips, singing the national hymn in the national anthem, etc. This is much more vividly displayed.

This is easier to detect during the match. It is the fans or photographers on the first row who fell into the ground due to of the nature of their disappearance and disappear to protect the wave. The interplay between the outside and the inside and outside of the venue has MT 2K22 been enhanced.