Unlike red wine, white wines are produced from white grapes. Depending on the distinct processing, the white wines are way different than red wines. The grape varietal determines the flavor and the character of the wine along with the region where the grape is produced and processed. Out of the hundreds of white wine types, there are a few people’s favouritewine types. Here we will talk about the top white wine types.

Chardonnay (shar-dun-NAY)

Cabernet sauvignonis taken as the king of the red wine and Chardonnayis crowned as the king of the white wines. This is producedin all the places where white wine grapes are produced or grown, initially, the hometown of this grape is the Burgundy region of France. It has a neutral flavor. The flavor of this wine comes from the growing conditions and the wine production conditions. This productionand growing conditions make the wine the most complicated. Most chardonnay wineshave a velvety and fuller texture and are golden in color and upon tasting it gives a tropical fruit flavor along with a fresh sense of melons, citrus and oak.

Sauvignon Blanc (SO-vin-yon BLAHNK)

Sauvignon blancoriginated from the Bordeaux region of Franceis now produced in many other regions including Canada, Chile, California, Australia and New Zealand. This elegant, crisp and refreshing white wine is produced from green-skinned wine. The climate influence makes the wine flavor of this kind grassy or sweet. Do not need to wait for aging to consume this drink, you can take it young. In France, it can be combined with Semillonfor producing a syrupy and full-bodied world-class wine.

Riesling (REES-ling)

This wine is originated from the Rhine region of Germany. Rieslingis an aromatic grape with a flowery and apple-likeflavor. This wine is terroir-expressivewhich means the character of the grape depends on the area where it is produced. This grape has high acidityand low alcohol which is why this is suitable to produce sparkling and sweet wines. Regarding the longevity of the white wines, this is taken as the finest white wine in the world. This wine can age in the bottles unlike Chardonnayfor decades or centuries and it gets better taste with age.

Chenin Blanc (SHEN'N BLAHNK)

Chenin Blancis a white wine type that is originated from the Loire Valley of France. This is called ‘Steen’ and this is cultivated in South Africa also. Chenin Blancis such a versatile grape that it can be used to produce a wide wine variety. Chenin Blanc can be used to make sparkling wine or desserts depending on the region they are grown, they are aged or processed. This wine often displays aromas and flavor of quince,honey,fruit, and grasses.It has high acidity and a golden color.

Semillon (SEM-ih-yon)

This is grown in the Bordeaux region of Francebut now this is produced in all the wine-producingareas. Upon aging it gets a golden yellow colour and may turn to amber-pinkwhen exposed to sun. It has a heavy and oily texture with low acidity. That is why it used for producing sweet wines such as Sauternes. Semillon is one of the highest planted white grapesbut now its popularity has reduced because of the intensity and complexity.

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