Many companies are beginning to realize the importance of website accessibility. As a result, they also began to understand the importance of a website accessibility service. After all, you can’t sit at your desk without clicking update 24/7. Even if possible, you may not know that your site is actually working or that your computer has downloaded a cached version of your site. If you still don’t know exactly why a website monitor is so important to your site’s success, these five reasons can help you better understand its importance.

Keep Customers

A recent survey found that if pages don’t load fast enough, 80 percent of customers will leave the website. If your site runs into problems, you will lose sales. Whether or not these problems occur, you need a website accessibility service to resolve and fix them quickly. Continuing to have performance issues is like pushing customers out the door.

Prevent Revenue Loss

Each stop minute is equal to the lost gain. Depending on when your site is down, you may not notice it for hours. Just because you’re sleeping in bed doesn’t mean people aren’t trying to access your site and shop. If you do not want to lose these sales, you should be notified when your site fails. A single phone call from a website accessibility services can save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Minimize Loss Due to a DDoS Attack

The fact that your site is not political in nature does not mean that it is not at risk of a DDoS attack. Sometimes a site is hacked just to show that hackers can do it. Hackers can cause a website to crash severely. Fortunately, a quality website accessibility service can report any problems that allow you to protect your site from attack. While your site may not work for a few minutes, you can reduce the damage by knowing it at the time of the attack.

Protect Your Company's Reputation

When it comes to doing business on the Internet, reputation is everything. You don’t want to risk losing customer trust due to problems with your website’s performance. You don't have to shut down your site completely to disappoint customers. Slowing down your site’s performance can be enough to make customers leave and not want to come back. Website accessibility services can tell you if your site is experiencing productivity issues, which will allow you to address them and make your customers happy.

A Small Price to Pay

If you look at all the benefits that website accessibility offers, it becomes clear that a website accessibility service is not just an expense but an investment. Invest in a quality website monitor to maximize your website’s uptime and prevent damage that could result from website downtime and performance issues.