Ok Google is one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence apps available for Android phones today. Let's look at how to g.co/assistant/setup. Users all around the world are becoming trained to utilize this easy program for everyday needs such as playing the game run 3
Google Assistant is a smart virtual assistant that is built into your smartphone.
This lesson will show you how to utilize the Google Assistant to get information and assistance with everyday chores. 

To utilize this function, you must own a Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone. In addition, your phone's language must be set to English or German.
Please first log in with your Google account.
Return to the main menu.
Say Ok Google to activate the Google Assistant.
Select Next.
Now choose the arrow icon and state "I agree."
Say, "OK Google," and play my workout playlist; say, "OK Google," and tell me where the nearest post office is.
Google can now detect your voice when you say Ok Google.
The Google Assistant is now ready to use after you've made your pick