Amazon has expanded its reach from just being an internet retailer to selling hardware in recent years. Amazon now hosts events to showcase and market its own gadgets, just like any other hardware manufacturer. Amazon announced a bunch of new products at their recent fall event, including updated versions of the Amazon Echo, a new service called Amazon Luna, and more. They also introduced a new Alexa function that allows you to communicate gaming among us with your loved ones and subscribe to them from anywhere.

The 'Alexa Care Hub' function establishes a link between two persons via their user accounts and assigns them as each other's emergency contact. If you need assistance or the other way around, the associated contact will be contacted right away. Only when you say, "Alexa, call for help," will this happen. It's a far better alternative than frantically searching for your phone and dialing their number. This function allows you to connect to the Echo's far-field microphone right away. 

After you've set up the Alexa Care Hub, you can view a feed of all the interactions you've had with your loved ones by using an Echo device or any smart home linked device. You will be able to view the location of the linked contacts as well as the room your loved one is now utilizing if you do so. You may also customize and add a function to get notifications when there is no activity on the other end, as well as a time limit for alerts. 

In a time when seeing your family and friends is difficult, the Alexa Care Hub will keep you and your loved ones linked without jeopardizing your safety. Despite the fact that this experience is nothing like seeing your loved ones in person or conducting a video chat, it will give you peace of mind. Because of global health concerns, you may not be able to view your parents, but you may keep an eye on them using this function without worrying about their health or privacy. 

You can trust this feature because Amazon has a lot of expertise creating gadgets and solutions that will keep you safe and connected to the people who important to you. Still, if you're concerned about elderly or senior individuals living alone, pair Alexa with some smart lamps, plugs, and other smart home gadgets. It will make life easier and more pleasant for your family's seniors. This will prevent them from colliding with a wall when turning on the lights. For basic jobs, they can rely on smart home equipment. 

Alexa can't make emergency calls, but she can contact emergency contacts and keep you updated on your loved ones. Alexa Care Hub will undoubtedly bring you and your friends and family closer together, no matter how far away you reside.