Laboratory Fume Hoods are ventilation systems provided in a medical lab. Their main function is to protect the user from harmful and toxic fumes that are produced during the tests. They also safeguard the users from runaway reactions, chemical spills and reactions. Therefore, it is an essential system for medical lab. The technicians and researchers use the cleanroom workbenches to take rest in between the experiments or sit or change clothes. The sturdy laboratory work benches are also connected with electrical sockets and smooth surface to facilitate experiments in the lab.

Types of Laboratory Fume Hoods

The laboratory fume hoods reduce the exposure to vapors and toxic fumes. It also prevents contamination. It is just like a box unit and comes with a tall base. They are offered in various sizes and shapes. It has a mechanism to filter out fumes. It allows the user to perform the experiment safely when handling vapors and chemicals.

Laboratory fume hoods are classified into chemical fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, canopy fume hoods, Ada Fume Hoods, Extractor Arm Fume hoods, Polypropylene Fume Hoods, Walk in Fume Hoods, Low Air Flow Fume Hoods, and Biosafety Cabinet/Hoods.  The user needs to select the right fume hood considering the experiments and the resulting gases and vapors.

Walk in Fume Hoods are suitable for labs that handle large number of materials and accessories. It provides a secure work environment to work with harmful materials while ventilating the odors and fumes. You can make the work space more functional with the addition of lattice rods.

Low air flow fume hoods occupy less space in a lab. They operate at reduced rates and save up to 40% energy.

The technicians and researchers working with communicable diseases need to select biosafety fume hoods and cabinets. Such units facilitate working with materials already contaminated with pathogens. Equipment in this system safeguards the technicians from harmful materials and chemicals. It comes with a partial or complete recirculation mechanism.

The labs need to select extractor arm fume hoods to ventilate odors, local fumes and air streams. The extractor arm fume hoods vary in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches. You can easily mount the extractor arm fume hoods on a ceiling, wall or on a bench.

Cleanroom work benches

Multifunctional cleanroom work benches play a vital role in a lab. Good quality stainless steel work benches are sturdy and facilitate easy cleaning. They also last longer. They are fit to handle various types of chemicals. The sturdy work benches can withstand heavy materials. They are available in different heights and sizes. You need to select the right cleanroom work benches depending on your need to sit, take the rest or to conduct an experiment.

The work benches are also fitted with electrical sockets, and drawers for power needs for the experiments and storage needs. You can easily store small items and equipments for regular experiments and work. They also facilitate working with laptops and computers. They can be sanitized easily using a cleaner or nitrogen.

Laboratory fume hoods and cleanroom work benches are essential for a medical lab. You need to select the right fume hoods and cleanroom work benches for safety and productivity.

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