The former NBA 2K22 MT available on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions, while the latter is exclusive to PS5 or Xbox Series X |S is in the works. One of the main differences is the quality of the images of the latter version has been improved. Within the "My Career" mode, the next-generation players can go into the "Basketball City" to explore and take on various tasks, and in the more modern console version, players can play.

Change into an "sea court" The game strategy and play of the two versions are significantly different. For instance, the new version allows you to use the lower right joystick on the handle to launch a powerful "contact Dunk" and the list goes on. In this article, we will be introducing users to the PS5 version.

The theme of "My Career" is that players can make their own characters and be part of the NBA and strive for the basketball dream of their dreams. Whether it is "Basketball City" or "Sea Court" The player character will interact with a variety of NPC characters and will be able to complete different tasks. At the end of their journey, they earn experience points and the silver coin "VC Coin" that can be used to increase their abilities.

Basketball City will have many NPCs that can perform various tasks including street basketball. can be played in this area too. Create a character who represents yourself. A character creation process is identical to playing a typical online game, but the game company also provides an exclusive method for creating characters: so long that the player downloads the cellphone-specific "MyNBA 2K22" app, they can make use of the in-program scanners to create their own.

The actual appearance is the appearance of a 3D feature in the game. In addition to styling as well, the player needs to define the character's abilities value, and determine the orientation of their skills based on the value (called "badge" when doing the game). If the character's value is very similar to that of some classic players, then the final game will demonstrate that the player has successfully created a strong angle that is similar to that of a particular star.

If the result is close to the classic player, the system will alert the player. The character's ability value options are extremely wide and the number of points allocated is limited, even if the final character is able to reach the entire evaluation value in the range of "99" points but that doesn't mean that all parameters can reach the maximum.

Thus, the method by which the points are divided will depend on the player's own behavior (for example, if you wish to take on the ball or the shooter, an individual player beneath the basket, etc. ) More often, it is by repeated attempts to determine the goal in your head. Therefore, after creating an idea for a character, the first and most important thing to do is create the "test the template". Check to see if the gameplay of your Cheap NBA 2K22 MT is exactly the same as what you imagined.