Everybody is familiar with the feeling of shyness or awkwardness in public. Well, it is not only your shy nature, but it could be a lot more. You might have a social anxiety disorder which is making it tough for you to enter into the room of strangers without your heart beating so fast that you can hear it beating. People with social anxiety face the issues like sweaty palms before meeting someone new. Social anxiety disorder or social phobia makes it stressful for people to handle the situations when they have to meet a group of new people.

Social anxiety disorder has many symptoms, some of them are quite common and can be found easily in almost everyone with a little bit of anxiety. For instance, when people start blushing when they have to face someone in an uncomfortable situation. Some other symptoms are trembling hands, excess sweating, feeling nauseous, and fast heart rate. Also, there is a high level of social anxiety that is related to psychology and its symptoms are rarely identified by others. For instance, thinking too much and worrying about the social situations, stressing over some social meet weeks before, trying to hide in the shadows in the social gatherings to avoid meeting or getting highlighted, worrying about embarrassment in public places, and so on. Luckily, there is an NLP coach available to help us deal with the SAD so that we can feel comfortable while facing someone new.

There are various things that trigger social anxiety disorder. The exact cause of social anxiety disorder is still unsaid. But there are still various things that we can determine as social anxiety disorders. There are certain environmental and genetic factors that become the reason for social anxiety in people. Some common things like bullying, family issues, and sexual abuse develop social anxiety in people. the public meetings, or interacting with new people make people anxious even days before the event. Also, appearing for a job interview can cause panic and nervousness in people with SAD.