Before you take reference from a career episode Engineers Australia sample, we find it necessary to give you a clear concept of the career episode. So, read the whole blog to know about the sections in which a career episode is divided for its better understanding.

What is a career episode? 

The career episode is an integral part of a CDR report. Engineers Australia, the assessment authority, asks the candidate to submit three career episodes with their CDR. The career episode shows your engineering competency, abilities and knowledge. A great amount of information related to your engineering employment and work experience is shown in the career episode report.

You can create career episodes for academic assignments done in the period of your education or activities attained while working for a company. In each of the cases, the processes for generating a career episode are similar. In short, the career episode is a perfect medium to show your engineering performance and abilities in the field selected. So, don’t be entirely dependent on an online CDR report sample, before having a clear idea of its preparation.

Components of Engineers Australia career episode:

The first thing you must have noticed in a career episode Engineers Australia sample is that it is divided into parts. They are the introduction, background, personal engineering activity and summary. Write each of the sections differently and with specific details. Let’s know how:



Keep your introduction nearly to 100 words. Its content should be in the chronological order given below:

Dates and duration of career episodes

The location where it happened.

The organization’s name.

The position you held.


The background section offers information about the activities in which you took part or worked on. This part of the career episode should be nearly 200 to 500 words and have the following:

The nature of the engineering project

The target of the project

The nature of the specific work area

A chart of the organizational structure putting the spotlight on your position, in relation to the career episode

A statement of your duties (give an official duty statement where available)

Personal engineering activity:

This part of the career episode should be with all the details you have done like what you did, and how you did. Here, you need to describe what you did personally instead of what your team did, as it is a personal competency assessment. Give an illustration about:  

Use of your engineering knowledge and skills regarding the project.

The tasks that were assigned to you and how you did them.

Any particular technical problems you had and the way you sorted them out.

Methods and solutions you developed by means of your original creation. 

How you worked in a team.


It concludes all that you explained in the parts given above. It is of nearly 50 to 100 words and includes:

Conclusion of all you did on the project

How the project reached your goals.

Summary of your roles and responsibilities that were in the project.


The reason behind providing you with the necessary details is that you get a confusion-free idea of what to write in your career episode. The better you know them, the better you can avoid plagiarism and write the best career episodes for CDR. So, don’t completely rely on the online career episode Engineers Australia sample or any CDR sample PDF: trust your own knowledge first.

If you need to know anything more regarding the career episode Engineers Australia sample or anything related to it, reach us freely.