The Royals is counted among one of the fastest growing company in the beverages industry and is considered among the leading manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages all over India, well currently with our grand start we are targeting Uttar-Pradesh & Uttarakhand. With every passing day we are making a strong niche by prioritizing more towards the quality of our product. When coming to the price point of view, we have kept our products at an affordable range so that each one of us can experience the same like an international standard quality drink. Our mission is to be known by our products and to be a household name all over India. With deep belief and strength among our team members we take pride in announcing the launch of our four products known for dignifying and glorifying your true style!  – Night Hub, Imperial Blue, Big Shot.


 Created by blending the finest Scotch malts with the best-chosen grain spirits, Royal Night Hub is an impeccable blend of classic flavors that will live up to your spirits expectations. The no age statement drink delivers a glass of classic blends with a much superior magnitude not just by its price but its quality!


 Royal Big Shot is a premium whiskey with a potent, smooth flavor of blended malt scotch comprising the finest grains. Keep the glass in your bar collection or drink it in your house and let the royal big shot make you enjoy your special time together with a chilled royal big shot whiskey.

The lavish taste of the Royal's Imperial Ultra made with handpicked ingredients is one that will never fail to amuse your senses. It's a blend of grain spirits and classic scotch malts is made using the highest standards of distilleries and a special process to help it reach its full potential.