Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Flight On Norwegian Air?

Headquartered in "Diamanten" Fornebu, Norway, Norwegian Airlines is one of the famous and third largest low carrier airlines in Europe. It was founded on 22 January 1993 and serves in 150+ destinations with the fleet size of 163 including its subsidiaries. Some of the famous destinations in which this company serves are Albania, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, etc. Norwegian Airlines provide reasonable and adequate cancellation as well as refund policy to its customers via Norwegian Air Cancellation Policy.


. Norwegian Air Cancellation Policy

Following are the important points to look upon while before you continue to cancel your booking reservations.

         Passenger can cancel their Norwegian Air reservations within the 4 hours prior to the flight departure date. The airline company will provide a full refund for the cancellations done with the specified time. In contrast, if the cancellations are made beyond the 4 hours, then cancellation charges will be applied.

         The cancellation charges will vary on the basis of booking fare of the flight ticket. Passenger can claim for the refund for both government and non-governmental taxes. However, refund request is only applicable if the passenger did not board the flight and ticket is still unused.

         According to the Norwegian Air 24 hours cancellation policy, if the passenger books a flight from/to the US, 7 days before the scheduled departure then he/she is eligible to make the cancellation but only within the 24 hours of booking date and you'll get your full refund without any effort by Norwegian Air Cancellation Policy.