Discover A-FOLD's revolutionary prefabricated foldable modular wooden houses: they're affordable, sustainable, durable and build in record time.

The unrest of pre-assembled foldable secluded wooden houses

A-FOLD Houses is an imaginative secluded development framework: our pre-assembled foldable wooden houses are reasonable for a very long time and could meet any space and financial plan prerequisites. Because of our wooden particular houses we make in a brief time frame and effortlessly an agreeable and quality pre assembled home in which to reside, which joins high practical attributes with the compositional worth of Italian plan. Our test as makers of pre-assembled wooden houses is to improve the pre-assembled constructing area through savvy plans and cutting edge creation processes. foldable houses

A-FOLD pre-assembled foldable wooden houses are planned and delivered in Italy because of a long family custom and 30 years of involvement with the field, to the most recent advancements and an enthusiasm for nature, continuously ensuring high energy execution, sound protection and toughness. The flexibility of our measured houses makes them the ideal answer for long-lasting homes, summer homes, crisis lodging in the event of calamity.

Model An of A-FOLD measured wooden houses

Especially used to assemble resorts and glamping, the Model An of the A-FOLD secluded wood homes address an ideal second home where you can spend your outings of town and reach from little sizes to more extensive sorts to oblige huge families.

Tweak our Model An of the A-FOLD secluded wooden houses

Whenever you have picked the Model An of our measured wooden house, you can pick the completions you need to finish the house with, altering them as indicated by your taste and needs:

Inside the A-FOLD wooden secluded homes, this is the fundamental model and it could have different applications. Predominantly utilized by visit administrators to fabricate resorts and glamping, CABIN is very appropriate as a second home where to spend incredible outings of town. The aspects are 51.00 square meters. Foldable home

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Albeit still famous as a vacation home, contrasted with other A-FOLD wooden secluded homes, YOUNG could be an ideal answer for youthful couples that might want to possess a property that can advance with their fantasies. The surface region is 75.00 square meters.

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With its 3 rooms, this model has been named FAMILY not by some coincidence. FAMILY gives a colossal living space, 3 rooms and 2 restrooms in 100,00 square meters. This particular home model is what we call brilliant approach to everyday life.

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Demand data for A-Fold pre-assembled wooden houses

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