The fantastic modern home security systems are capable of practically anything. By using cutting-edge technology, these systems can safeguard the home from burglars, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning, manage the temperature, switch on lights, and offer video surveillance of various locations. New items and technologies are introduced practically regularly, with the goal of discovering new and better methods to meet the requirements of concerned homeowners and renters. Basic security systems include alarms on the exterior windows and doors and interior motion detectors. Upgrades include video and sound monitoring of different rooms; parents especially like these features when they have latchkey children. These security systems can be easily accessed by mobile devices allowing homeowners and renters to know what is happening in the home at any time. Innovative new products include motion detectors that allow pets left home or small children to go to the bathroom at night to move without setting off alarms. Before this invention, these homes had to shut off the motion detectors. Home Security Providers are on guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For a small monthly contract, a security company will monitor the system and respond to any indication of trouble. Homeowners provide telephone contact numbers; the security company will call these numbers first to verify the emergency. The next call is to the police department or fire department, depending on the cause of the alarm. These are a great way to keep loved ones, pets, and belongings safe. Ear shattering alarms buzz if exterior doors or windows are opened after the alarm has been set, warning everyone in the house and neighborhood that something is happening. Adding features to the home security systems like video cameras and audio sensors allows owners to monitor activity from the homes or computer systems, keeping everyone safe and secure. PHT Security Systems is one of the top home security systems houston and is dedicated to providing you with the finest security solutions available. It gives you peace of mind to know that your loved ones, personal possessions, as well as company assets, are safe & protected. Our firm provides excellent service and attention to detail when it comes to installing high-quality goods. You will be shielded by sophisticated & modern security systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call PHT Security Systems at 1-(281)-272-5276 today for free installation and other special deals!