PRODUCING COUNTRIES The director of Walmart (Canada), as well as others, you can find a special mark "Made in the United States of America", which means that the product was made directly in America, and not in another country, and assembled in United States. There is a product with many different countries, but the biggest partner and supplier, of course, is China. Due to the fact that the basic principle of the company - low prices, Chinese products may not be more suitable for fruitful cooperation. If there are doubts about the quality of the products offered, there is always the possibility to get acquainted with, leaving the real customers. DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS walmart account management - what is it? Literally translated, it is an area where, despite the very low prices and the best deals already, the management of supermarkets and online retailers constantly offers promotions and discounts that can be random in nature or be related to any special event. For example, the world famous "Black Friday" - the sale of epic proportions. Especially on this day are amazing proposal that make buyers just go crazy and behave inappropriately. Also, a very popular action "on the agenda." For a product for the whole day is set a very low cost, making it possible to save properly. THE PAYMENT At Walmart Magazine, paying for their purchases can be convenient in any way. The only difficulty that may arise in the payment process, in connection with transport to another country. But even in this case, managers are always ready to help and give advice. The company's management is constantly adding new payment methods and improving existing ones. Therefore, to buy goods in a supermarket is not only profitable, but also convenient. DELIVERY Another service that offers a Walmart. What is it? The great staff allows you to sort, pack and ship customer orders very quickly and without any delay. The only downside is that they only do this in the United States. Good news - if the purchase value exceeds $ 50, shipping won't cost a penny. If you need to arrange delivery outside the United States for this purpose, there are forvardingovyh industry companies that for a fee, will bring almost anything and anywhere. But when working with such intermediaries should first read the comments about their activities, because a large number of evasive aggressors in the network. DRAFTING AN ORDER walmart listing Online Store - What is it? quick and easy platform as simple as possible and in a short time, an order. You don't have to go anywhere or have any action taken. Just a few clicks - and the goods will go to the specified address. All you have to do is have your own account. For this it is enough to pass a simple registration. In the box you will be asked to subscribe to special offers, promotions and other company news. The system will then ask you to enter a shipping address and payment details. It is important that when filling out the match delivery address and billing address, it will avoid some of the difficulties in the future. These fields are filled in once, then all purchases will be made in a few clicks, which can save significant time. For the security of the payment information entered it cannot survive because the system is protected against all types of threats. WALMART IN RUSSIA The company's management is constantly making statements about the importance of the Russian market and the big run. In fact, there have been several attempts to expand its network in the Russian Federation. The first steps in this direction were taken in 2008. After the registration of the subsidiary and the opening of Walmart offices, Moscow became the first city in which there was a successful American brand. His first attempt to create a branded supermarket based on the existing "carousel" network failed. The manual giant did not give up attempts and, in the same year, tried to buy other hypermarkets. But the deal never happened. In 2010, the most recent attempt to bring the Kopeika network of stores to the Russian market by purchase was made, but here on the way it became a large internal retailer X5 Retail Group, which first bought the entire property. In this guide, the American company decided to suspend the expansion. If we believe the statements of Walmart representatives, the American giant will definitely try to "conquer" the Russian market again, and only waiting for a suitable time.