Thermal paper rolls are commonly used in thermal printers as well as other forms of equipment such as POS printers, cash registers, and credit card terminals. These rolls of paper are coated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to hot printer heads, implying that this paper does not require printer inks to produce an image. Here are a few dependable recommendations for selecting the ideal Thermal paper rolls.


  • Know what paper you need. Thermal printers typically have a printer ribbon & require a bond or carbonless paper. Also, know if you need 2-ply rolls. This is what most restaurants use to manage their kitchen orders.


  • Know your printer model. Your paper supplier will provide paper compatible with your model.


  • Streamline your ordering process. If you need printer ribbons, buy them when you buy your paper rolls. You can save both ordering time and money through volume discounts and reduced delivery fees. Just be sure your POS paper supplier carries both the paper and ribbons you need.


  • Get the right-sized carton. Kitchen paper can come in double-stacked or single-stacked cartons, as well as smaller paper-roll counts. Consider what you need before you buy too much.


  • Keep storage top of mind. If buying more than one case of paper rolls for one location, be sure you have a proper storage place. Most paper will hold up quite well indoors, but in some cases like the kitchen can be warm & humid. Think about storage before you buy excess paper for a discount.


  • Don't overpay. It may seem convenient, but ordering your POS paper from a foodservice supplier only brings a middleman into the process, increasing your costs. Order directly from a company that specializes in POS supplies to get the best price.


  • Don't go out of your way. You may be tempted to hit the office supplies superstore in town - but that's not your best bet. You will overpay for your supplies & waste valuable time you could spend running your restaurant. Let a distributor that specializes in POS supplies deliver it right to your doorstep.


  • Never run low. Never run out. Ask your POS paper supplier about automatic reordering or reminder services. They will call or email you when it's time to reorder your supplies so your kitchen never runs out of paper.


Selecting the right Thermal Paper for your work environment is an important decision, with implications for the success of your business. At Master Distributors, we know what our client's needs are. Our high-quality Thermal Paper  Rolls, along with Thermal Printers, Paper, Custom Labels, great prices on Hardware, and hassle-free experience makes us unique in the industry. Call Master Distributors at 1-888-905-7008 to know more.