Undoubtedly, social media is a great way to reach the target audience and grow your brand. Be it a small startup or a large-scale business, social media serves as an essential marketing strategy to popularize your business and make huge profits. It can show your brand personality and build trust among the users. Popular on-demand apps such as Uber for Massage, Uber for Handyman, taxi booking apps, eCommerce apps, etc., are gaining huge traction majorly through social media content.

52% of social media marketers strongly believe that it has a positive impact on rising business revenues. The important metrics such as engagement (36%) and conversion rates (35%) are pretty much offered via social media. It is also proven that 80% of businesses share their original content on social media pages. Here are the five most valuable social media platforms helping businesses reach unimaginable heights,


  • Facebook (89%)
  • LinkedIn (83%)
  • Youtube (81%)
  • Twitter (80%)
  • Instagram (56%)

Let us get to know the benefits offered by social media to Uber for massage apps, eCommerce apps, and other on-demand apps


Why Choosing Social Media for Brand Building is a Great Idea?


  • Increases Brand Awareness

Almost everyone in the world is on social media platforms. This serves as an easy way to reach potential customers and make them wise about your brand, what you offer, etc., About 83% of Instagram users find new products via the platform. So, when your brand is active on all possible platforms, your brand will be highly reachable to customers.


  • Improved Website Traffic

Social media posts and shares are the key factors to drive traffic to your business website. Share blogs and content about your products to make them instantly available to users who are scrolling social media feeds as a hobby. By using catchy words such as visit profile to know more, link in bio, earn exciting rewards, etc., you can attract people to get to know about what you provide as a business. 


  • Boosts Leads and Sales

Lead generation is an important factor and it is well-covered using social media platforms. Lead ads have generated 4.3 times increased sales than sales ads which is a great difference. Also, to boost sales, align your efforts in marketing with social media trends and offer content that is attractive enough to grab users. 


  • Reputation Management

When on social media, it is obvious that you will receive good comments and critics as well. All you have to do is keep track of people talking about your brand and address the issues as soon as possible. If any information is wrongly shared and not your way of handling it, then social media allows you to share your side of the story professionally and politely which will draw attention to your products eventually.


  • Customer Engagement

You can easily interact with your customers or fans through social media as a communication channel between you and them. Stay active and respond to your customers in all possible ways to make sure your customers are kept engaged. To know about what people are talking about your brand, social media monitoring and responding is a cue card. 


  • Offer Support

To solve problems and find relative information, customers are making use of social media rather than calling the service lines. For a responsive reputation, you can offer support through social media channels by,


  • Tracking customers’ comments, issues, and questions
  • Responding as soon as possible
  • Be positive and serve helpful through your solutions
  • Resolve intense conversations in private



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