Qualities of Successful Business Leaders

All successful professionals must have the competencies like excellent leadership skills, strategic vision, and the ability to make decisions. Successful managers keep honing their skills by taking part in seminars. They constantly look for professional development. In the bsbmgt517 task answers one can find how to streamline the management channel.


Managers avail tools that make the business management function easier. They believe in increased collaboration and increase individual accountability.

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A manager and leader must complement each other. However, they play separate roles. A leader is known to inspire, motivate and encourage but a manager deals with the actual operation of any business.

 List of managerial task

  • A manager must have a good understanding of customer service 
  • He should be able to evaluate the business operations and legal requirements
  • Ensure the work health and safety of employees 
  • Plan budgets and arrange pieces of training 


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 It must be noted that there might be different management styles. A manager must have the right approach and deal as per the situation.


In participative management, the manager is consulting with the team before making any decision. The ultimate responsibility is on the manager but the team leader decides how the task will be addressed and who will perform it. But too much consultation can become time-consuming.

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A bureaucratic manager follows the rules and procedures consistently. There is a strict chain of command and the manager will have the final say. It might appear to discourage creativity among employees and can also lead to resentment. Long-term productivity can also be hindered.


In Laissez-faire management the manager leaves it on the team to decide the jobs themselves. It seems self-empowering and fosters innovation.

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