Construction is a membership-only skill (not for f2p) which allows players to OSRS Gold construct their own houses and create furniture for themselves. Similar to Crafting, construction training consumes a lot of resources in the leveling process that makes it an expensive training.

It is also a skill frequently taught on mobile devices since it does require clicking often in the same area of the screen. If you're brand new to this ability and seeking guidance on how to begin, this guide will help you through it. Find the best methods to get started in this 1-99 OSRS construction guide.

Construction skill training revolves mainly around building various items from wood inside a POH (Player Owned Home) in order and then repeat the process. After building an element, the player gets rewarded with experience points dependent on the work he has made.

Buildings are only made at specific locations within the home that are highlighted with the white shadow. The cost of building components is extremely high , Construction is one of the more expensive skills to master in the world of gaming. The best way to choose materials is according to how much you're willing to spend studying this skill.

Leveling your Construction skill might be one of RuneScape Gold 2007 the most effective activities in RuneScape. Leveling up to higher levels can bring a lot of perks that can save you time and money.