A user must be there on sign in page of Google Account, after that the user needs to enter the username and the password for complete the signing to the email account.

Or the user needs to enter the email address and the password for signing in to the Google account.

In case the user does not remember their password then they can need to enter the last remember password or they have to answer the security questions. When the user can correctly answer the question then the user will be able to recover their password of their Google account in easy an fast manner.

In case the user did not remember the answer of their question, then the users may need to user the recovery phone number to get the password of the Google account recovered.

The user will get the verification code on their recovery phone number that is already mention on the email id. With the use of that code they may be able to recover the password of the Google account.

With the help of Google verification code the user may recover their Google account.

These are the way with the help of that the users may get their password recovered and that process are performed too instantly and in less time.

If in case the user cannot be able to solve the issue with the help of this article then they must be dial the Google account recovery number for talking to the experts for getting their issues resolved in order to recover the Google account.