From three turn four: In the range of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrids it does not remain in the case of Peugeot 308. In addition, the French brand announces a fully electric version. A real surprise is not that, because the e-version already applies as set by the German sister model OPEL ASTRA.

The electric powertrain's electric powertrain, which has been used in Peugeotis Group, which, for example, in Peugeot E-2008, Opel Corsa-E, Opel Mokka-E or Peugeot E-208, replaces Peugeot at E-308 by a completely new. As product manager Agnès Tessot Faget explains, it will have more performance, concretely 115 kW / 156 hp. The drive forces are directed to the front wheels, an all-wheel volume is - unlike the plug-in hybrids - not provided, as Peugeot boss Linda Jackson can be known.

400 kilometers range

Also comes as a station wagon: Analogous to the conventional SW (photo), Peugeot offers E-308 as SW. Manufacturer

Amazingly low, the battery capacity first might. 54 kWh (net 50 kWh) - can this be enough for a full-grown compact? Yes, says Linda Jackson and scattered range with reference to low standard consumption. According to WLTP standard, the E-308 should consume only 12.5 kWh electricity per 100 km and make with a battery charge over 400 kilometers of route.

fast shop with 100 kW

When loading, the E-308 is three-phase before, once full refinements takes six hours. At the DC fast charging station, the Frenchman can operate with up to 100 kW, per minute stay will result in 11 kilometers of new range, in half an hour the charging process is completed from 0 to 80 percent.

With the debut of the Peugeot E-308, a gap closes on the electric market. If you were looking for an electric station wagon, at least in the compact golf class had bad cards. However, the E-308 does not only drive away from the start of the start as a classic five-door, but also as SW.

Typical Peugeot: The I Cockpit. Peugeot

Weight and trunk volume should each correspond to what the plug-in hybrid specify. This would correspond to about 1600 to 1700 kg or 361 to 1271 liters (548 to 1574 liters at the SW). Also in the interior it stays with what you know, the brand-typical I-cockpit with emphasized small steering wheel, digital driver's troublerium and ten-inch touchscreen.

Market Start July 2023


Prices do not name Peugeot yet. For a good reason, because until the market start it still takes. The production starts this year, with the delivery of the first models but only in July 2023 is expected. An approximate client may provide the price spectrum of plug-in hybrids, which begins at 36,900 or (SW) 37,900 euros - but will certainly be overflowed by the E-308.

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