League of Legends (short: lol or straightforward League) is a computer system game developed by Trouble Games, which was published on October 27, 2009 for Windows as well as Macos. It appeared as free-to-play Moba. The game was played monthly from about 100 million players in 2016.

Elder Season 12 of League of Legends has begun to bear fruit in the qualifiers of all players, with some of them coming in a few days to Challenger. There are many who have left the face in the lovador crack and they already know since Range will have to start climbing to reach the highest level until the end of this season in November. The played that the players have left us have been very varied protagonists

Along almost 40 minutes , a game was lengthened so much that already only remained to fight the elder dragon , an objective that is vital to win a game since it will give us a huge help to eliminate The enemy champions quickly. I put a situation: the blue team consisting of very good champions in late as Vayne, Nasus or Shyvana I needed a little push to end once and for all a game that was being complicated. It seemed that they were going to get a soul easily to see that the red team had everything to lose because they were not in a good position to get this goal.

But there was someone who was going to be the true hero of the game thanks to his mmmmmila: Master andi. He to work the miracle. He obviously he would die a few seconds later but the miracle already did. Who truly finished the game was vel'koz next to the old dragon, since he could quickly hit the Knock UP of the E to burst completely with the definitive of him. In record time the emptiness eye would cause the victory of the red team with two buttons. And you, have you managed to make a similar combo?

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