1, must not have sex with disease

People suffering from serious organic diseases are not allowed to have sex, such as blood diseases, tuberculosis, chronic diseases, etc.. In the time of sexual life will consume physical strength and energy.

The body and spirit is too tired, strong form of sex can not reach orgasm, so the body is overworked when you can not have sex.

In addition, the couple has one of the emotions can not have sex, which will lead to sexual disharmony, and even cause male impotence, female sexual frigidity.

2, during menstruation and after drinking can not have sex

During the menstrual period the cervical mouth is open, when sex is prone to infection, eventually leading to adnexitis or uterine inflammation.

In addition, after drinking alcohol can not be new sex, especially after drinking strong alcohol, will lead to premature ejaculation or erectile insecurity, preventing the harmony of sexual life, if pregnant, may lead to fetal malformations.

3, to be hygienic

If you have sex in a bad environment, it will affect the mental state, thus interfering with the quality of sexual life. In addition, if the sexual organs are not hygienic, it will also cause health problems.

The pathogens will be brought directly into each other's bodies, damaging the health. The time of sex must choose a clean and quiet environment, before sex to clean the lower body, so as to improve the harmony of sexual life.

4, must be well prepared

Because women's physiology is special, before sex must be fully prepared, never because of the time rush and single shot, which can not let women reach orgasm, and even cause female sexual frigidity.

Sexual life must respect the self-esteem of women, or it will destroy the feelings between the couple, and even make women disgusted.

5, too full too hungry state can not have sex

If you eat too much, the gastrointestinal tract will be in a state of filling and congestion, reducing the blood supply to the organs of the body and the brain, so you can't have sex immediately after eating.

In addition, too hungry state, physical strength will decline and energy is not sufficient to enjoy the pleasure of sexual life.

In addition, after the shower can not immediately after sex, or will lead to the whole body blood circulation disorders, affecting the health of the body.