Dermaheal is the main brand of Korean great mesotherapy and corrective items produced via Caregen. The Dermaheal brand incorporates a wide scope of items utilized for general skin health management, hair care and mesotherapy treatment and is great for hostile to maturing, against pigmentation and other skin issues.

Dermaheal items help to tackle issues as awful skin hydration, untimely maturing and kinks brought about by ecological variables. Besides, Dermaheal incorporates items used to stop going bald because of stress or other medical problems, while reinforce the hair follicles and sustaining the hair and scalp condition. The mesotherapy line includes an incredible mix of nutrients, amino acids, minerals, development factors and different supplements and skin restoring substances. The excellence line additionally contains an interesting fat evacuation treatment.

Dermaheal items deal with against maturing, hostile to pigmentation, hostile to balding, hostile to aggravation and other skin inconveniences. The fundamental line of their items is the mesotherapy arrangements intended to revive the skin and lift the general wellbeing and state of the skin. The mesotherapy line includes an extraordinary blend of nutrients, amino acids, minerals, development factors and different supplements and skin restoring substances.

The Dermaheal line really focuses on complexion and shading issues, including skin hyperpigmentation and by and large skin lighting up.


Caregen is one of the main organizations in the field of growing excellent development elements and a lot of biomimetic peptides, which are the vital elements in Caregen's cosmeceutical and drug applications. Everything about dynamic fixings are capsulated by a twofold layered capsulation innovation that further develops entrance into the skin. Moreover, the twofold layered construction gives high solidness and assists with shielding the particles from endogenous proteases.


Mesotherapy is a non-careful strategy that utilizes a blend of nutrients, chemicals, plant extricates and so forth to revive and fix the skin through infusions. Besides, the procedure can be utilized to eliminate obstinate fat. The thought behind mesotherapy is to address skin issues like irritation and helpless flow, which cause skin harm. The method utilizes extremely fine needles to convey the dynamic fixings into the center layer of the skin to advance skin revival. Mesotherapy is most frequently utilized for regions with drained and drooping skin in the face, neck, décolletage and hands.


Foundational microorganisms are the body's normal mending cells, which have been utilized for various medicines to perceive tissue injury and fix harmed cells. Fat inferred Stem Cell otherwise called ASCs are grown-up undifferentiated organisms gathered effectively in enormous amounts from the bountiful fat tissue through insignificantly intrusive strategies. ASC are the most encouraging cell types for cell-based treatments like skin recovering and for regenerative medication. Besides, ASC's can possibly fix harmed tissues just as advance skin and hair development.


The Dermaheal range likewise incorporates a PTx Platinum line that has botulinum impacts without the utilization of poisons and infusions. The items are created from Caregen's respectable peptide innovation and restrictive transdermal conveyance framework and contains a biomimetic peptide of Botulium Toxin Type C.
PTx, which means "Peptide Toxin", can be utilized for an assortment of signs like Botulinum Toxin Type A, however it doesn't need any infusions.


Dermaheal Stem C'rum (Anti-maturing, Anti-pigmentation) (Face) – a renewing facial treatment used to decrease the presence of kinks, almost negligible differences and pigmentation.