Unfortunately, in most cases in distance professional homework Writing learning, the level of responsibility of the student to the teacher is much less. Although many of us have conscientious and responsible students, it is often difficult to do homework. In general, the organization and control of homework online does not differ much from face-to-face lessons, but there are some nuances. I want to share my experience in this matter.

Let's start with some basic homework rules.

1 Always negotiate

At the very beginning of working with a new student, I will definitely explain how our training will be structured and emphasize the importance of doing homework. If a student is very busy or is sure that he will not find time to complete practical tasks and exercises, I suggest such an intensity of our lessons that we work through all the material "in the classroom", including the one that was planned for home.

2 Be specific and clear

Regardless of the age of the student, it is important to make sure that he understands exactly what his homework is. At the end of the lesson, take 3-5 minutes to do a quick overview of your homework together . I explain to students what exactly is required of them, for example:

  • read the text and find the meaning of new words in the dictionary;
  • answer questions about the text;
  • write an essay (discussing the size, words, design);
  • listen to the audio dialogue and make your own version by example;

Tasks can be completely different, it all depends on what topic you are studying and what you want to focus on. The main thing is to explain to the student what exactly you need to get in the end and why this task is being done. This gives the student a clear understanding of the scope of the DZ, an approximate understanding of the time to complete and a specific reason for responsible execution.If in the process of learning there are difficulties with completing homework, I clarify which type is given the easiest and which causes difficulties. Some students claim that they can easily do things that involve watching or listening to something interesting. Specificity and clarity are needed so that both the student and the teacher accurately understand their responsibilities to each other.

3.Set deadlines
After I make sure that the student best Assignment writing service understands exactly what needs to be done in the DZ, we set deadlines together. There is no one-size-fits-all advice here. Everything strongly depends on the intensity of your activities, his workload and abilities. Often, the complexity of the assignments also affects the performance, so I always ask the student when he will be able to send the finished homework. The student himself assessed the volume, roughly understands the complexity and knows his own capabilities.The only condition on my part is that it should be no later than 5 hours before our lesson. A clear deadline helps the student to get together and take the time to complete assignments, as well as to approach it more responsibly. If something is not done before the lesson, we go through it together during the lesson.

This method is quite effective with adult students: they are motivated to learn something new at each lesson and do not want to waste precious time working out the material already passed, therefore they quickly join the pace and begin to carry out tasks responsibly. When working with teenagers and children, it is better to discuss this issue with the parents. They are our helpers in monitoring homework.To communicate with students, I often use Telegram or mail, so I put an automatic reminder in my scheduled messages. 5-8 hours before the lesson, the student receives a scheduled message from me “ I'm waiting for your homework ” or “ Can I check it? ". Add fun stickers or funny GIFs to your message. This will establish friendly communication, but also help to control the implementation of household chores. Consistency and a clear agreed timetable will help the student to be disciplined.

4 Do not overload the student
It so happens that during the lesson you do not have time to cover all the material that you would like. It is a very big mistake to assign all the material for independent study to a student. The motivation to do homework, according to my observations, disappears in three main cases:

  • too much;
  • too difficult and incomprehensible;
  • too many mistakes.

It is necessary to exclude "too much" from our assignments, and then things will move forward with great success. Ask only what you have already passed and do not overload the student with everything that comes to hand.

5 Bring variety

Homework stops being a chore with a little creativity. Try to get the students interested, then they will want to do it themselves. I often ask at home:

  • watch a movie or TV series in English and write out 10 phrasal verbs / 10 uses of a certain tense, etc.
  • joint reading of a book in English: the student reads a chapter of the work, and we discuss it together in the next lesson;
  • writing posts on Instagram or blogging in English.

Now let's look at what can simplify checking and monitoring homework in online lessons.

Make sure the student understands how to do their homework.
In addition to the fact that the student must understand what he needs to do, he must clearly understand how to do it. If you set homework in a paper workbook, the student should know where to send you a photo / scan of the completed work. If you have created an interactive activity, try doing write my homework online a similar activity together in class so that the student knows all the technical aspects of the work.