New Secrets in Roblox Brookhaven RP? Roblox has millions of followers and thousands of games on one platform. No matter what genre you like, you will always find this game interesting. Brookhaven is one of the best role play games present in this source.For more information click on www.roblox.con/redeem.

In Brookhaven, you have a different lifestyle where you can build houses buy cars, and perform the task to earn money. If you are a regular player of this game, you must be aware of some secret locations and their significance. We have given a list of some areas you can explore in the city, click for more details Roblox/promocodes .

New secret locations in the game are:

Bank Vault

Starting with the first location, it is a vault in the Brookhaven Bank. You have to explode the entrance to access it. Find the racks present there and ask your friend to help you out in entering a small room. It is the first secret area.

House Entrance

if you are trying to hide from any individual. It is the fastest secret place to access. You can move under the ramp present on your door by squeezing yourself. It can get used as a good hiding area.


There is a building under the name cleaners present in Brookhaven. The wall has a gap you can walk down on the ramp. Now look for a room on the left portion of the house. Touch the light hanging from the wall. It will open up a secret door on the floor. Access it and keep walking to reach a secret criminal base filled with weapons and high-tech devices for hacking.


Are you looking for a hiding place? When you enter any house, there are many boxes on the floor. You can hide inside them by squeezing yourself into them.


There is an arcade region in the Brookhaven game. Locate it on the map and move up on the staircase. You will find yourself in a room with birthday decorations all around you.

Brookhaven Hospital

There is a hospital in the heart of the city. You can reach by any vehicle. Then you need to locate a hole in the roof above the reception desk. Either use a ladder or jump high enough to reach the area. It is a scientific experiment area. You will find various chemicals, operating chairs, and other peculiar objects.

Luxury Apartment

Go to any luxury apartment and use the bathroom. Stand on the sink and jump on the grass bushes above it. You can hide in this greeny area to stay safe from any danger.

We came across another secret room in this apartment. Go to the restroom and find a place next to the TV in the lounging area.

Brookhaven Bank

The underground base of cleaners has an alley that leads to Brookhaven Bank. You must possess a green key to access this location. Open the door using it and then plant an explosive on the vault. After the explosion, collect all the money from the bank.

Dark Scary House

You can find multiple secret places in one house. Just click on the house tool and opt for the dark scary house. It will emerge on your map instantly.


You will find numerous secret locations in it, starting with the terrace. Use the elevator to access this area.


Inside the house, you will find many cardboard boxes. Jump on any one of them. You will get inside the wall.

Microwave Oven

Go to the kitchen of the house. Then, search along the place to find a microwave. You can open the door and sit inside it for hours.


Whenever you are going down from any staircase, you will find a small area under it. The walls of this region are fake and, you can move across them.

Dressing Room

To reach this place, you need to use the elevator. There are secret places to hide in this room, like cupboards and empty walls.

Shower Teleport

It is a mysterious area that teleports you to another region on the house. Go to the main bedroom of the dark scary home and get in the bathroom. Near the shower, you will observe a wooden object. When you move across it, you will land into the other area of this house.

Reading Spot

Go to any bedroom of the house and sit down near the block of the bed. You will get transported into a secret reading room.

Gate of garage

Reduce the size of a character in half and reach the garage. Use any climbing object like a ladder to get on the gate and enter the house from this area.

Kids Room

There is a secret hiding place on the kid's bunk bed present in their room. You need to reach the location and jump on the mattress to find this spot.

Hidden death spot

There is a scary graveyard in this house which you will find in the backyard. It has huge bushes in this region, which can camouflage you.

Bathroom Sink

You can find a secret place in any of the bathrooms of this house. Just Crouch beneath the sink and wait there to hide from danger.

Kids playroom

Now create a modern house on the map and go inside it. You will find a kid's room with enough space between the wall and cupboard to accommodate you. It can be a good hiding place For You.

Hidden Wall

there are many e secret places in the modern house that you can use by decreasing your size. Leap over the table and, you will find a crack in your walls. Get inside it.

Another location is above the refrigerator. Climb on it and jump inside the wall. There is a secret passage wall next to this area, and you can move across it.


Use the bed in any of the rooms of the house to hide under the blankets.

Outer wall

to use this area, you need to enter the house from outside by using any climbing object. Then go inside the wall and cover yourself.


Go around the house and find a couch to sit on. Now go to the settings and remove the house from the map. Now no one can see this house on the map. But you can easily travel inside the house and use it as your secret hiding place.

Brookhaven Cemetery

If you are not scared of ghosts, you can go to this cemetery. Jump into any open Graves and use it as your hiding place but beware of the scary voices.

Hair Salon

Go to any of the salons present in Brookhaven and fall on the ground. Now slide down under any of the sofas. It can be a good hiding place where nobody will ever find you.

Secret Cave

To reach this location, you have to go on a long journey up to the highest mountain. There are some flying robots on the top that you can use to find a suitable den far from the town. It is a massive place that you can use for any purpose.


We all know about a secret place behind the screen. It gets used to playing the movie. You can access this place in any of the theatres of Brookhaven by moving across the theatre screen glitch. There is another spot on the terrace of this building.

Secret House

Did you know that there is an abandoned space behind the airport where you will find a secret house hidden in a few trees? It can get used as a safe hiding spot.

Fire Station

locate fire station on the map and reach this location go inside this place and use any e high object to jump between the pillars of the door. When you pass across the roof, you will find yourself in a large room.

Burger Shop

The last spot is in the mall within a burger restaurant. Go to the kitchen of this place and enlarge your character. Then, stand on the oven and jump across the roof. You will find a hiding place in this.

Make your way to the burger shop in the mall and enter its kitchen. After that, you have to increase the size of your avatar. Jump on the oven and then jump up straight into the roof. It will be a secret place.