People usually plan vacations to other countries or within their own countries. They require lodging with some amenities and comforts while traveling. Vacation rental is initially prohibitively expensive and will not satisfy the traveler. To address this issue, online vacation rental is used. It is possible to make use of such facilities at a low cost and become popular among users.


As a result, Airbnb expands its reach among vacation travelers and users. It has a presence in more than 200 countries, with over 170 million users. Airbnb's gross revenue in 2019 is $4,30,726,681. This is why many entrepreneurs are attempting to start a rental company similar to Airbnb.


You might have the idea to start a business similar to Airbnb with the goal of making history. You've arrived at the right location. This blog will look at the following topics to help you learn more about starting a business.


What exactly is Airbnb?


Airbnb is an online platform where you can rent out your home or a tourism experience. A host can advertise their property for rent, and guests can reserve it. Renting services allows entrepreneurs to earn processing fees.


Workflow at Airbnb:


1 After completing the registration process, the host can list the property.


2 Guests can book a comfortable listing for their stay by contacting a host.


3 The condition of the reservation is communicated to the host, who can accept or reject the booking.


  1. If the host accepts the reservation, the guest can pay the entire rental fee.


  1. Guests can only use the property during booking hours, after which they must check out on time.


  1. Guests can rate and review the apartment, house, or shared room where they stayed.


  1. The commission is deducted from these services by the business owner.


Take a look at the following features:


Features of the Host:


  • For the sake of security, Id verification is required.


  • Creating property availability rules, such as minimum and maximum stay lengths


  • The host can determine whether the reservation is immediate or not.


  • Approval of a guest's request


  • Payments after check-ins can be made in a variety of ways: Credit/debit cards, PayPal


  • In the event of a guest cancellation, the host can demand a penalty.


The host can put a dispute in place, for example, if a guest has broken something in the house, or if a guest has shown up with more than the stated number of guests, and so on.


  • Features of the Guests:


  • Guests can look for a property or an experience.


  • Location of the property on a map


  • Online conversation with the host


  • The property can be reviewed and rated by guests.


If the host approves the booking first and then cancels it without reason, the guest can ask for a penalty.


Guests can file disputes if, for example, the property does not look exactly like the listing image, or if listed amenities are not available.


Filters for searching:


  • Type of residence: whole house/apartment, shared room, private room


  • Kitchen, Kettle, Wifi, Air Conditioning, Heater, and other amenities

The host can establish ground rules such as no smoking, no pets, and so on.


Property search based on location


The price range can be sorted from lower to higher and from higher to lower.


Build A Website Like Airbnb With This Technology Stack:


You must choose a product with the appropriate technology stack before purchasing it. We'll show you one of the best website technology stacks, similar to Airbnb's, with more flexibility, reliability, and scalability.

What is the revenue model for websites like Airbnb?


  • Airbnb charges a percentage commission to hosts for each booking made through the platform.


  • Transaction fees: The Airbnb website deducts a fee from the guest and transfers the remaining percentage to the host.


  • Listings that have been promoted. Hosts can pay to have their listings appear above others in order to gain more exposure.


How Much Does It Cost to Create an Airbnb-Style Website from the Ground Up?


We can estimate the cost of developing an online marketplace like Airbnb from scratch using the information we've provided.


Process of Creation:-


You'll need an expert developer for the development process. As a result, the cost of your project will double, as developers typically charge $20 per hour. For the development process, the project team will require the following individuals:


  • iOS programmer


  • Android programmer


  • Tester


  • Manager of the project


  • Designer


  • Back-end programmer


Creating a feature-development cycle:


Airbnb's features necessitate the development of a specific day. We have shown an approximate calculation; the development process may be completed quickly or take some time.


  • Features of the host


  • Guest appearances


  • Features of the Admin Panel


  • According to the work done with full focus, the project will be completed soon.


The Price Of An App Like Airbnb:-


The price of an app is determined by its functionality and the development firm you select. It is estimated that it will cost between $40 and $50 thousand dollars.


The app development process, feature development cycle, and cost are all explained above. A better way to purchase an Airbnb clone that is already built.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. As a client, we look forward to meeting you soon.