Man has been worshiping nature in its various forms, since the beginning of human consciousness. Humankind has manifested many forms of nature and even found bliss in expressing gratitude towards nature. With time, man used the commodities available in nature to worship the deity. In India, we have everything available from nature, and has been regarded as the pious offering to God. Flowers are considered special and important offerings. History of Phool Bangla Tradition In the 16th century during the Bhakti movement, Braj became instrumental in re-establishing the Krishna Bhava in which various sects started by their spiritual leaders some way to incorporate nature in their ways of worship leading to the development of temples around Braj. It further led to nurturing of various traditional and cultural art forms used for the Seva of the divine. Seva led to developing many cultural crafts and art forms like a chariot in Ratha Yatra and swings for Jhoolan Yatra. The floral decoration is better known as Phool Bangla for the temples. Phool Bangla in Vrindavan The present-day tradition of Vrindavan is a continuation of the same age-old ritualistic tradition. It is made and celebrated all over the Braj. Though, it has a special reverence in Vrindavan due to diversity in the tradition present here. These festivities happen from Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi or Akshay Tritiya and continue for a period of three months - Vaishakh, Jyestha, and Aashadh. Summers are the best time to witness the floral festivities due to the high availability of flowers. Bela or Jasmine is an abundantly used flower in these decorations along with Roses, Marigold, and Ashoka leaf. Even Banana bark is also used for various decorations in floral decorations. How does it look like? Phool Bangla is nothing but the systematic arrangement of various wooden frames known as Thaat in the local language. They are used to create a temporary temple structure. You can even set up a Phool Bangla at your home that can be used yearlong for Krishna and other deities. Add idols and accessories like ornament and mata dress from mykanha online store to your home temple today.