Now you must have understood what is the meaning of the word "backlink", because it is related to SEO and you have also come to know how important it is in SEO, now we will know how to get backlinks .

One important thing that you have to keep in mind about backlinks is that the number of backlinks does not matter, but the quality of backlinks matters. It is better to create a Hihg Quality backlink than to make 10 less good backlinks.

These are some of the ways by which you can get Quality Backlinks.

  • write a good article
  • Start writing guest post
  • Submit your blog and site in web directories
  • Comment on other blog

Write a good article Write Good Articles )

If you want people to link to your article, you have to give them a reason why people should link to your article, and the best reason is a good article.

If your article is helpful to others, then people will be happy to join it, and they will like to join it.

We have shared some tips with you for how you can write a good article.

      • A lot of people read articles so that they can get a solution to their problem through that article, make sure you explain the exact problem and teach them how to fix it.
      • Make your article easy and simple to read, write it in short, simple sentences, add formatting, headings, images and other multimedia to make the article look great.

Start writing guest posts Start Guest Blogging )

Guest post is a strategy in which you write a post for other people's blog instead of your own blog. When you write a post for someone else, then the owner of that blog is usually 1-2 Do-Follow on your site within the post. Will allow you to return the link, which will increase the ranking of your blog as well as your Domain Authority, people will also know about your blog, and if people like your article then surely they will be on your blog. Will come

The biggest challenge that comes is that how do we find those blogs and websites, which can easily publish our guest post on their site, for this you see those blogs and websites which already have guest post on their blog. But have published. These sites usually have a page for contributors such as "write for us" or "contribute".

To find this out, you have to go to Google Search Engine and look at it by writing Guest post with your Keyword, you will see many such sites which accept Guest Post.

You also have "some AC site shall enjoy looking to the first lest the Topic on the basis of such blog your articles have Publish on your blog as soon as possible Since he has written previously on this Vishy for its Ahrefs' Content Explorer " and find out which site is right for your article

Submit your blog and site in web directories

This is a very easy way to get backlinks by submitting your blog and website in web directories, but nowadays this method is not very popular these days because it is not easy to find a “ legal web directory”  . You should avoid those web directories that ask you to create a backlink on your website to get your website in their directories.

If till now you are using any automatic direct submission strategy, stop doing so immediately. Automatic website submission will make your blog appear as spam, and it can cost you dearly in terms of removing your blog completely from your domain authority or search engines.

Comment on other websites and blogs

Commenting on any blog and website and getting backlinks from it, this is the most used way in today's time, in which bloggers find some such blogs and websites which are related to their Niche along with High Domain Authority.

The biggest problem that comes to the fore is that how to find such a website and blog which is of high authority with Do-follow backlinks, on which backlink can be obtained by commenting, for this you can easily find out from “ Ahrefs' Tool ”. can do,

What new did you learn about backlinks today? 

I hope this article will help you understand the basics of what is the importance of backlinks in SEO , and why you should start working on getting backlinks for your blog.

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