Yes, you have invested a lot of money while focusing on your living room sofa. You loved the results and actually want to get the best cushions to complete the set. But, cushions have the tendency to get dirty easier; especially if you have little pets and kids at home. But that won’t be the case when you have covers for them. The cushion covers will actually protect the cushions and maintain their longevity. With the help of proper handmade cushion designs, you can actually get your hands on the best designs to improve the look and value of the living space. So, without wasting any time further, let’s focus on the cushion designs first. It will actually help you to make the right choice here.

Circle clamp with Parthenium Leaf print cover:

This cushion cover is printed on a manjishtha base and will have four circle clamps. That makes this cushion cover pretty unique and will also be quite pleasant and natural to your eyes. The colours are subtle, which will improve its look even more.

  • The Parthenium leaves are mostly seen in bouquets and will have that soft yellow colour to them. The same colour is applicable in print on a white moon patch.
  • So that will help in turning lovely olive oil on the peach-based manjishtha base. The back is of solid colour and will come with a side lop button closure. That helps in addressing two different styles into one.

Silver Oakleaf print covers for cushion:

If you are currently looking for cotton cushion covers with some natural looks, then this one is the right choice for you to make. Only the best and soft cotton fabric is used for manufacturing this cushion cover.

  • There are bigger silver oak leaves, which are printed on top of the covers and will feel like the leaves are dropping off the trees.
  • It has a much-awaited manjishtha base, which will make the big silver-coloured oak leaves more prominent and clear.
  • The design is absolutely simple but will have the grace to it, which is hard to find anywhere else.
  • Then you have the deep olive colour on that pink base, which will work out as some of the best warm combinations you have come across.

Textured Cotton Maroon Cushion Cover with Wooden Buttons:

If you are not quite into leafy prints and want something more simple yet stylish, then the textured cotton maroon cushion cover will work out perfectly. It comes in handy with the wooden buttons, which have their own value to it. 

  • The button-down closures at the side will add that bit of personality, which will differentiate these covers from the rest.
  • Moreover, you can always try these handmade cushion covers for your living room sofa and impress guests coming over.

Just remember to check the prices first before you select the best cushion covers. You don’t have to worry about that much as the experts are always there to the rescue and will help you by finding the right covers to work with.

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