Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has been released for some time, and it is still welcomed by new and old players. It is worth noting that due to the large number of players in the game, it had to suspend sales so that new players would not be able to gain FFXIV Gil. After that, only players who played before the 16th will be able to access it. This really makes those who are interested in the game want to know, when can Final Fantasy XIV be purchased again?

In an article published by Naoki Yoshida in early December, he elaborated on the problem of long queues due to the global pandemic and possible further insights. Due to current supply chain issues, Square Enix's servers cannot be expanded due to literal reasons.

Their servers are running at full capacity almost every day. The queue time is still long and the world is crowded. They can't actually implement more servers to expand the space to reduce queue and connection problems. But this does not mean that all players cannot enjoy the exciting plot of the game. For old players, they still need to challenge various tasks to obtain Cheap FFXIV Gil.

Although he said this may take several months, he expects long lines in the near future. Even if patch 6.05 is about to be released, there does not seem to be any further updates regarding the expansion of server capacity. This patch is more inclined to increase the difficulty of Savage and more tasks for the Pandaemonium raid, so that players can get FFXIV Gil. Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.