With all offers of best online casino platform Fair Go Casino, you have to remember that they are always tied to certain conditions. Extensive information on all the details is usually available directly from the bonus offer, later on in this page I will go into more detail on all bonus code issues . Free spins are always a welcome opportunity for new players to turn free spins into real money on slot machines that they can use to continue playing all other casino games. Most free spins at the casino come with a deposit. Unless otherwise stated, free spins can mostly be used on certain online slots. This is how new machines are often presented. In addition to the usual offers, there are also some where online casinos give out bonus codes for free spins. You can find currently valid free spins bonus codes here. The free spins listed here are always part of the deposit bonus for new customers. The number of free spins is in most cases independent of the amount of the first deposit, as long as the minimum deposit for the offer is met. However, it is usually only 10 euros, so you can easily get free spins . However, the following section tells you how you can get bonus codes for no deposit free spins offers at online casinos. As you can safely understand, they are much rarer than those with a deposit. Many players are looking for free offers that they can get without making a deposit. Codes for such bonuses are quite rare and often only valid for a certain period of time. That's why I will be updating this page regularly. Therefore, I recommend that you redeem these codes quickly, if you are interested, before the relevant offer expires. On the other hand, more free spins are only available with an initial deposit. Since you can often secure them for yourself by investing as little as 10 euros, these bonuses are also very popular. Even if the free spins are free at first, there are various conditions attached to the winnings that you, as a player, should know. Read more in the "What makes a good offer" section . Instead of winning money first with free spins - although you never know how lucky you are with free spins - you can also choose to get a free starter credit. The cost is fixed, usually only a few euros, but you know what you have. The bonus provided increases your starting balance anyway . As you might guess, online casinos don't often give away money. Accordingly, it is rare to find offers with which you can get money for free entry without making a deposit using a bonus code .