When it comes to catering a party, it is difficult to know exactly how much food to serve, but there are some guidelines to follow. To avoid overserving, serve fewer appetizers than you need. Also, remember to allow for leftovers. One serving of cheese sticks and crackers is enough for around 8 people and about four pieces each for the rest of the party. If you plan on serving meat snacks, double the recipe.

When preparing your party menu, be aware of the recommended serving sizes on packaged food. It is more important to consider the number of pieces of appetizers and snacks per serving. If you are making finger foods to serve to a larger crowd, try calculating the amount of each type. If you plan on serving a smaller number, use less food. For a large party, you should plan for between 20 and 30 servings per hour.

Before you start shopping for finger foods, make sure you calculate the serving sizes for each type. Some foods have suggested serving sizes, which may not be enough for everyone. Be sure to consider the size of a typical meal or snack when choosing finger foods. You should then count the servings for each type of food and decide whether it will feed a meal or only a snack. You should assume that the party will last three hours, so you need to plan the quantity of food accordingly.

When planning finger foods for a party, you need to consider how many pieces of each type are necessary for the number of guests you expect to have. This will help you figure out your budget. If you buy too much, you'll run out of food. It's better to overestimate the amount of each type than to run out. If you want your guests to be able to eat them all, you can always add more food.

Once you know the number of people attending the party, you can determine how much food to serve. For pre-dinner nibbles, you should serve three or four pieces per person. However, for cocktail parties, you should aim for at least three to four pieces per person. During dinner, you can serve a few small bites of finger foods. Moreover, you should keep in mind that finger food can be substituted for a meal, so it's best to plan your budget in advance.

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The first step is to estimate the number of guests. If the party is small, you should serve three or four pieces per person. For larger parties, serve six or seven pieces per person. Generally, three servings per hour are sufficient. When it comes to serving finger foods for a cocktail party, a full tray should be enough for up to 15 people. Alternatively, you should serve at least three servings per person.