Peyton Manning, one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history, as well as one of the top audible-callers in NFL time--will be remembered for his incredible passing skills, slicing defenses apart, and leading two teams to Super Bowl victories. However, it's been revealed that Manning really wanted to become a Madden Ratings Adjuster He's now determined to Mut 22 coins take down his rival, Tom Brady, if EA allows him to do so.

In a video shared on Twitter, Manning admitted that it wasn't fame, fortune, or record that led to his success in 18 NFL seasons. Manning wasn't even attempting to compete against his brother and father to be the best in the family. The main thing was deciding whom gets to alter their ratings.

"I felt that Brady's efficiency rating was probably a bit over the top," Manning said. Both quarterbacks are everyone agrees that they are the best for ever to have played in this game, with Brady still playing despite being nearly 44. Both quarterbacks also demonstrated that they could breathe life into struggling teams. Brady took on the Buccaneers between 7-9 and a Super Bowl the following year as well as Brady led the Broncos moved from an 8-8 record in 2011, to two Super Bowl appearances and one victory under Manning.

Another fellow Madden Ratings Adjuster Chad Johnson said he was slightly concerned about what Manning was planning to do, possibly because he's determined to make every other quarterback worse. Still, with the kind of career in football that he had, it's difficult to disagree with Peyton Manning, especially when Manning has a habit of bringing up the city of Nebraska because of reasons.

In spite of rumors that were circulated on social media earlier in the week, EA will continue to announce two more updates for Madden the franchise mode of 22. The company reiterates what it claims to buy Madden 22 coins be its commitment to Madden as a live service game.