New World's Winter Convergence Festival has begun, bringing a healthy celebration to Aeternum Island, as well as the expected insidious colors. This limited time event runs from December 16, 2021 to January 11, 2022. One of the best parts of the holiday season is the piles of gifts. New World will provide a special 10-day gift to provide everyone with winter goodies.

If players miss the free items, don’t panic, as most other holiday shops will be open until January 10th, except for the holiday deer bundle and court fashion suits, which will last until January 5. These limited edition items will help players stand out from the crowd, with gorgeous feather costumes and selected holiday weapon skins to help players kill in a stylish way.

The currency of Winter Convergence Festival is Winter Token. These can only be obtained through winter activities, such as retrieving lost gifts, harvesting Gleamite, or simply exchanging a bunch of winter tokens for higher-value premium winter tokens. Please note that the reputation of the New World Coins event will determine the items that players can and cannot purchase in the store, so it is worth establishing it as soon as possible.

If the player manages to complete the mission and defeat the evil side of the Winter Ranger, the player will earn himself some sweet event prestige, although just completing the story is not enough. Players will have to deal with the missing current rewards, collect daily rewards from the Tree of Light, and harvest Gleamite. Once the player has established enough prestige, the player can complete the final task and purchase more holiday items in the store.

In addition, every player wants to get more New World Coins in New World, because this is the main currency in the game. Players have many ways to accumulate New World Gold in the game, but the efficiency of these methods is far from enough. The emergence of NewWorldCoins easily helps players solve the problem of lack of  New World Coins Buy.