TinyHero Clone Script

TinyHero Clone Script is a ready-made game clone that helps to create your own NFT Gaming Platform like TinyHero. Let's play and earn Tiny! The tiny world and build a powerful team to battle against other players. 

Want to Build your own NFT Gaming Platform like TinyHero!

As a Leading NFT Gaming Platform Development Company, Developcoins helps to launch your P2E NFT gaming platform like TinyHero built on the Polygon blockchain network. Our Clone Script develops a complete NFT gaming platform that meets your business needs. We are available to develop personalized features of your requirements.  This game is based on SafeMoon and TikiToken, and it emphasizes HODL and RFI as special higher-level rewards.

Features of Our TinyHero Clone Script

  • 4 % redistribution 

     On every buy/sell, a percentage of 4 is removed from all TINY holders and redistributed in MATIC. 

  • 60 Minute AutoPay

      Relax and Earn since the issue with the Earned MATIC claiming process.

  • 4% Auto LP 

    To maintain price stability, Polydex converts 4 percent of each transaction into liquidity.

  • TinyHero Treasury 

      A portion of the fund is gathered as a percentage of each transaction.

  • Keep high trade volume 

     Maintain a high transaction volume to ensure that you are paid every 60 minutes and avoid no payouts.

  • Strength

   Strength heroes are powerful combatants who can withstand more damage than other heroes. 

  • Intelligence

      Intelligence heroes are masters of spells and abilities. 


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