The Malaysian manufacturing industry has tossed in countless demands of workers despite any hard situation that the factories have to face. Therefore, it never really matters if there is a crisis or not they are still very much needed in the manufacturing process. A Malaysian foreign worker agency Concepts Group explained the steps on how to start a foreign worker agency in Malaysia.

A circle of life plays a vital role in the manufacturing process and with how people carry out their lives. For instance, certain products that do not have enough production rises in demand, considering the outburst of pandemic which do not stop one from not wanting a certain product. Therefore, it is safe to say that the manufacturing demand will decrease. However, one factor that holds back the entire process is that factories are lacking of manpower to support their production output. Till date the demand for workers have never decreased it only has been rising and employers are willing to advance a large sum of money to get the workers they like in the job. Therefore, this is exactly when a Malaysian manpower agency steps in to support factories.

It may sound simple having to hire foreign workers, however, it is never simple. Here are some of the steps on how to establish a reliable manpower agency in Malaysia.

1. Acquire all necessary certifications and licenses

In order to build a reliability it is extremely important to ensure that your agency or company acquires the necessary document and certification from the authorized party such as the government and other parties. One thing that is needed to be beared in mind is that a manpower agency is needed to understand each form of recruitment, as each type of recruitment requires a different recruitment procedure. For instance, if one were to carry out recruitment for local workers that would require just the license A, and if one were to carry out recruitment for both local and foreign workers would need to be granted by License C.


2. Formation of international bondage

Having to build a foreign worker based agency, would require the building of an international bondage. This hidden factor is commonly not very much mentioned on the surface as the procedures shadows confusion. However, it is indeed important to ensure that the manpower agency forms an international bondage. Having to form an international bondage make it extremely important for Malaysian manpower agency as they would assist with carrying out recruitment at the following country. It is indeed a smart move to have networks based on the sourced countries making it easier in filling the demand for the clients.


3. To equip with sufficient fund for operations

There are instances a manpower agency would have to advance certain amount of payment for the workers prior to the departure from their native country. Those are the payments must borne by the employer or the manpower agency. In this case, employers mostly do not get involved with this. As they quoted with a large amount, in which some companies practices in paying it monthly.