If you're already an elite MyTeam participant, then this advice isn't the right one for you. Most likely, you have the stick skills required to 2K22 MT be competitive in online. For new players (or players who need refreshers) offline mode play like Triple Threat Offline and Domination will accomplish two helpful things.

First, you're getting in practice. Obviously, tricks that are designed to work against CPU won't work as well against humans, but you are dialing in your shot timing which is essential. The other and more crucial thing to remember is that you're developing your team with great players through rewards.

Being a part of a starter team and competing for a spot in Triple Threat Online or Unlimited is a challenge. If you do want to jump straight to online, consider trying out the brand new Draft mode, or changing to Limited where the rosters of other players will have a rating cap.

It's simple, Trae Young has to be far by far the best starting player in MyTeam this year, particularly in conjunction with our last advice and you're just starting out offline. Trae Young begins as a relatively unassuming PG, but quickly transforms (upgrades) into a potent shooter who is extremely fast for the early game.

Once you've managed to fully transform into Trae Young, you are able to get another Starter. You can continue this until you've got all five. We chose Jayson Tatum as the second Starter to NBA 2K Coins work on however, your mileage could vary according to the players you get while working on Young's progress. In the end, you'll have all five starters.