Gnome Restaurant (Safe). In OSRS GP this instance, you have to bring desired food to an NPC within a specified time. You'll be rewarded with unique food rewards in exchange for your efforts. Impulsive impulses (Safe). It is a revolving game of catching implings from Jars. You will be rewarded with Hunter exp and some junk objects.

Mage Trainer Arena (Safe). A mini-game that includes four other games of a smaller size that revolve around Magic ability and the use of spells. When you win the Mage Training Arena you can receive "Pizzaz Points" which can be exchanged for various rewards that include Bones To Peaches spell, runes and set of Infinity Robes.

Rogues Den (Safe). In the Thieves Guild, players can compete against an obstacle course that will put their skills in thieving and agility to the test. The players who can successfully complete the maze will be rewarded with an abundance of experience in these areas as well as Rogue Armour pieces.

Ranging Guild (Safe). In the encampment to the north of Seer's Village, you can find a guild dedicated for people who are skilled in Range. There you can find two minigames which revolve around using Ranged skill. You will either face off to Tower Archers or Shooting Range. In the second, you can earn Archery Tickets that you can exchange to earn rewards based on skill.

Sorceress's Garden (Safe). Yet another Thieving related minigame is about stealing Sq'irk fruits and other herbs from the gardens guarded by elementals. This one is all about sneaking and will reward players with experience from Thieving.

Shades of Mor'ton (Risky). A rs3 gold minigame with multiple skill levels that's about building a temple and defending it from the wrath of monstrous creatures. During this challenge you can learn about Crafting, Combat, Firemaking, and Prayer skills. In addition, there are chests to unlock that hold items up to a Rune level.