When it is necessary to move animals, there are many rules to observe. Here's how to go about transporting dogs and small pets.

The transport of pets requires special attention before, during, and after moving. If you are planning a move or you need to move your 4-legged friend, it is essential that you prepare them well for the change. The important things to do therefore are: organize the transport well so that your pet does not suffer from it and help him adapt to the new home and the new environment.

So let's see how to behave with your dog or cat to make the moving experience in the best way.

What to do before transport?

As soon as you plan to move or relocate our pet, let's take it to the vet. It is important to check, have any vaccines administered, request a copy of the vaccinations and medical records.

Then start a research on the various rules and documents necessary to keep a pet in the new city in which you are going to live.

Finally, start evaluating what kind of transport for dogs (and pets in general) you need, also based on the journey to be made and the distances.

To carry out a dog transport you can equip yourself properly and bring your 4-legged friend in your car.

Have the dog transport carried out by specialized companies

Another option is to entrust your pet to a company specialized in the national or international pet transport service in India.

When delivering your dog to the carrier before departure it is important to provide all the instructions, in writing or verbally, such as:

  • How often the animal must be taken out for a walk;
  • The frequency and quantity of food that the animal must eat;
  • What the transporter can do to relieve the stress of transport;
  • The frequency with which you want to be contacted to be updated on the conditions of our dog.

Finally, it is important to deliver to the pet transport in India all the necessary documentation regarding your four-legged friend (which will be requested by the company itself).

Dog transport by train or plane

To move your 4-legged friend by plane or train, usually, for long distances, there are some simple rules to respect. The main rule - which applies to both national and international pet relocation services in India - obviously requires that the dog or cat be placed in their pet carrier (kennel).

What to do after transport?

Once you get to your destination you need to help your pet adapt to the change. You can start by introducing him to the new environment gradually, starting with a small area of ​​the house until he is ready to explore more. Surround your dog or cat with objects and people familiar to him. If you are planning to move abroad for vacations or any other event, and you don’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home then hiring a pet relocation company is the ideal choice. The professionals of Pet transport service India specialize in pet relocations services nationally and internationally. Read on to know the multiple benefits!

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