QuickBooks POS has over 4.5 million worldwide users. It is mainly used by small and mid-sized businesses for accounting, payroll, invoicing, tax filing, payment processing, and account management.

Because of the curiosity to expand, many retailers are looking to make their online presence via a marketplace like Shopify. The platform itself is visited by millions of customers and allows businesses to reach their untapped audience.

But, what if we can leverage the benefits of both of these excellent platforms?

Integrating Octopus Bridge would let you do this.

Octopus Bridge is a cloud-based platform that offers integration-as-a-service. It allows retailers to connect single or even multiple POS with your online store.

The software automates product updates, so changes in stocks made in either the POS or online store are updated on both ends. This gives retailers an idea of the stocks available, avoiding chances of going out of stock or overselling.

So, when you integrate Quickbooks with Shopify, it becomes easier to track customer buying trends and make accurate decisions.

If you are someone looking to get started on Shopify, opting for Octopus Bridge will be a great option.