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Our stress management workshops are the perfect workshop for any team that fall behind on deliverables, continuously under-performing or have an abnormal amount of team turnover.

Stress Management Resilience Building Workshops

  • Feeling stressed becomes feeling 'I can handle this'
  • Learn about healthy stress.
  • The biological impact of too much stress.
  • Building mindset lasting resilience

Investment From £5,555

At no stage, EVER are we taught HOW to handle our own stress management - besides a few influencers here and there showing us the latest yoga craze or the best green chai smoothies - we are never really taught how we can cope at the deeper level and more importantly, how to recover and rebuild following a stressful period.

Stress is an inevitable occurrence in most everyday, modern life - but HOW it is handled is different for everyone.

Stress management cannot be solved with an early finish or by being told 'we're all in this together' this is not helpful to the individual and in-fact often guilts the person into knuckling down even further, only onsetting burnout quicker.

Did you know that The World Economic Forum reports that burnout from work costs the global economy almost 280 Billion per year! Retail has the 5th highest burnout rate across all global industries.

I've seen first hand the impact when a team member is absent for an extended time period. The added workload onto others is often unbearable, and they too suffer. Yet, teams are afraid to speak up and seek help because the culture is simply 'get on with it, we're in this together' and so, the stress cycle repeats.

Never has there been a more important time to address and take care of stress management.

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