is the first phone to be officially unveiled with the fresh snapdragon 8 gen1 chipsets stuffed inside of that sexy wii frame making it one of the most powerful pocket rockets around a 6.67-inch amoled screen boasts a silky smooth 144-hertz refresh while the model edge x30 also packs in a 5 000 milliamp battery with 68-watt fast charge support on the ars end you've got a pair of Cell phone parts l camera sensors while flip to the front and you'll find a whopping grit 60-megapixel selfie shooter which I don't know about you but now that.

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I'm getting older my face is getting even craggier I don't want a 60-megapixel sensor to capture my pasty haggard mug frankly 6 megapixels would be far too much detail I wouldn't even want to capture a selfie with the bloody Gameboy camera these days but that detail aside from the moto edge x30 sounds pretty lush so sucks for all of us that it's possibly not gonna see the light of day.

outside of china then although to be fair they'll probably rebrand it and re-launch it for western markets at some point in 2022 so we'll see what happens also this week google pumped a lot of new features into its pixel blowers from the super fancy fresh pixel 6 flagships to the older pixel 3 earphones although if you own a pixel generation one two or three including those whopping great xl models while bad news is you're out of support you ain't gonna get the update so come on your stingy beggar time to upgrade google needs that money more than you do well google mates have boosted support for the car crash detection feature which can automatically alert authorities if you've had a bit of a smash up so that's now available in taiwan italy and france as well as the uk usos and other supported areas and speaking of dangerous driving if you're a bmw owner who bought a specific model in the past two years and you happen to live in one of the supported countries you can now unlock your car by tapping your pixel 6 or pixel 6 pro on the door handle so now criminal types will also have to nick your Mobile parts if they want to pinch your car which to be fair actually doesn't sound that good at all and also bmw owners while.

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I have your attention could you please stop cutting me up and driving like a grade a tit on the m25 until very much and do you happen to still use Snapchat no well google has implemented a new tap to snap feature anyway which can let you do that quickly if you ever change your mind and there's also great news for all buggers like me who stupidly frequented a few too many gravy davy gravy clubs back in the day and buggered up their hearing that's because Google is rolling out a new beta tool called conversation mode in its sound amplifier app which helps you focus on what someone is saying to you in a noisy environment while drowning out all the other bollocks going on around you so should hopefully eliminate any embarrassment down the boozer.

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